Omakase お任せ is a phrase that means "I'll leave it to you". YUZU's hand hewn maple Chef's Table is no ordinary sushi bar. Sitting at the Chef's Table is an invitation to entrust your culinary evening in the hands of Chef Yoshi. In what he calls "Ginza Style" Omakase - he will customize that evening's menu based on each guest's preferences, adventurousness, and personality. No two experiences will be alike.


The Chef's guests receive the reserve of the best fish, most inventive combinations from Chef Yoshi in the kitchen.

Chef's Table course   $80, $100, $120 (per person)

As it takes us a day to select the fish, and prepare the menu for you - reservations are required and are available for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

To reserve your seat at the Chef's Table please call the manager in YUZU (301) 656-5234


Menu Example (summer)

$80 course

appetizer sampler
fig compote with sesame sauce, chicken MATSUKAZE skewer, boiled shrimp in dashi broth, flounder NANBAN style, and KABOCHA pumpkin
paper thin Kyushu flounder sashimi with kimo ponzu sauce
shrimp and vegetable tempura with curry and green tea salt
sushi NIGIRI (toro, flounder, horse mackerel, scallop, spot prawn, boiled shrimp with egg yolk OBORO, sea urchin, maguro ZUKE, flounder KOBUJIME, egg omelet)

$100 course

$80 course + miso marinated tofu, dashi broth soupwith shrimp ball and baby bamboo, and dessert

$120 course

$100 course + assorted sashimi, grilled lobster or scallop ISOYAKI